Not With A Bang, Nor With A Whimper

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Source: Death to the Stock Photo

As with all epic tales, the ending is always a little underwhelming. (Rule of thumb: nothing lives up to the hype. NOTHING.)

I meant to write something deep and profound (or, depending on where you are looking at it from, cliched) on the things I found out, but that would be lending social media more credit than it’s worth, so here is the simple truth:

  • Whether I like social media or not, whether I agree with FB’s business model or not, the fact is that the people in my social circles use it exclusively to communicate with one another, and I cannot really justify being the special case of The One We Have To Call. (Even if it would be nice to hear someone else’s voice once in a while.)
  • People are not going to make an effort to contact you if they cannot get a hold of you the way they’re used to.
  • So far, I’ve noticed no special deepening in my connections to others.

That said, the experiment was not a personal failure. Indeed, I have several posts documenting this exact thing – all the  things I’m not missing, all the things I’m glad I’m not doing. (Social media stalking, for one thing. It’s so easy, we don’t even notice we’re doing it. Luckily, once I was no longer there, I wasn’t missing it either.)

I think the biggest change I’ve noticed, since this all first started, is this: I feel okay.

A sample of one does not warrant generaliseable findings, and I would never dare to argue it. I still feel okay. When you’re on sites like Facebook (or, heck, I remember doing this constantly on Goodreads) the constant barrage of information makes it seem like you simply cannot look away. Like you constantly have to absorb everyone else’s sentiments, like you have to have an opinion, like you have to keep posting, all the time, to keep on top of your game. (Or… what? Just me? Okay, then.)

Doing this felt good to me. It meant that I could say “no” to this. I didn’t like the game – I could afford not to play it, at least for a little bit, at least until I felt better about it. That’s something. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Maybe next time, I can go for the full 6 months.


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