Etsy love: Writers Edition

Occasionally, I’d forget I’m not a beauty blogger anymore. Oftentimes, it coincides with late-night browsing trips and PMS, and other feelings-induced madness. It’s a thing: even if there is a snowball’s chance in Hell that you could buy everything that catches your eye, but it’s just so fun, browsing. Masochistic, in a way.

So, instead of linking you to every big shop on the highstreet, here are a few stores on Etsy for you to drool over. (And yes, I know – the irony of doing this in January doesn’t escape me.)

Bureau/Writing Desk

Midsummer’s Night Journal

Sylvia Plath journal

Journal Set (or anything, really, from that store)

Amy Brown art 

Renee Nault art

GlamLondon Pumpkin Print Scarf

FullSpectrumApparel T-shirt

Rosie’s Pendants Women Who Write Are Dangerous (so true)

Writing is Hell wrap bracelet (again, SO true)

Note: All photography credit from the etsy stores.


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