Red Bubble Artist


Photo (or rather screenshot) credit: Me

Hitting the publish button – is there anything scarier than that?

(Realistically speaking – yes. If you’ve been told your whole life nobody would give a toss about your art – probably, but it ranks pretty high.)

I was mulling over the best way to say it – I’m here. I’m a Red Bubble artist! – but to be quite honest, it is the sort of cake that works better without the icing. (Think lemon drizzle rather than a wedding gateau.)

I can tell you about the ingredients*, but there is a reason why those are printed at the back.

I can tell you about the process*, but if people care about that, they look it up online, or in books.

I reckon that at first meeting, it’s the look and taste that matters most.

So here we go. My lovely, weird, beautiful monsters are available in all forms to buy on Red Bubble. If you’re planning your next major writing project, need some room decor, or need a new journal, why not head over and check out the wares? It’ll help pay for my therapy.


*If you do want to know about the ingredients and the process, just pop me a comment below and I’ll hop to it.


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