Feelings hangover


Earth Angel. Acrylic on paper. Prints can be found here.

Recently I’ve been struggling to wake up.

Maybe not physically – coffee still wards Morpheus away, if only by a little – but I’ve got a permanent weight that I can’t shake off. You might have noticed – my posts have been rather sparse lately.

It’s like a hangover, except of the heart instead of the head.

A feelings-over.

A hangover of feelings.

It’s like I’ve reached my saturation point, and cannot care anymore or else I will burst.

I’m out of fucks to give.

Desolate landscapes are a recurring theme for me. I think I painted my first one about six years ago. It also had a woman overlooking a bright day outside, except I don’t think I bothered hinting at a desert, or even a ground, outside her window. It was like she was standing at the edge of the world.

Of course, these days I add some wings. A desire to fly, I think, comes with appropriate equipment.

You can follow the link in the caption if you’re interested. As it stands, have a few more pics of how this work came to be. And enjoy.


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