Inktober roundup


Confession: I didn’t know about Inktober until I saw a fellow SCBWI member post about it. But. Oh,my GOD!

For those of you who don’t know, InkTober was started in 2009 by artist Jake Parker as a way of improving his drawing skills. You can read more about it here. 

I didn’t know I was going to do it – I wasn’t even sure I would enjoy it. I did like drawing with ballpoint pens, but withing a couple of days of drawing (and stalking the hashtag on Instagram) I saw so many beautiful things, done by these talented people, and they looked nothing like what I was doing.

Usually, this would have sent me flying into a perfectionist panic, along with a strong dose of jealousy. But this month something strange happened. I decided to find out more.

I did have a pot of black India ink and a stencil from when I was trying to do calligraphy/add ink to my acrylic paintings, and I have YouTube and the Internet. I looked up some ideas, got really excited…

And didn’t look back.

WordPress doesn’t allow me to embed videos yet, but in addition to posting everything on my Instagram and Tumblr, I put together a sketchbook tour and posted it on YouTube. If you look at it, you will notice the change around day 5, and how pretty soon I went full on with the prompts. I’m not gonna sit around touting my own horn because… well, I don’t have the energy to. But if anybody is feeling discouraged or curious about starting a new thing and wondering whether it is worth even trying…

It is worth it.

Even a month makes a huge difference.

See for yourselves.


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