Painting Stories: Android dreams and awakenings

Painting stories is a series where I share my current works. Sometimes it is how they came about. Sometimes it’s more of a story I associate with them.


Androids were not meant to get bugs.

Okay, they were – all electronics get bugs every once in a while – but EVA’s creators did their damndest to make theirs as bug-proof as possible.

It wasn’t like she was meant to get exposed to them frequently. She was built for in-house use, with no access to the wider web except for an annual update by a registered technician. Who would have supposed that some owners would try and cut corners on maintenance? After all, if you forked out the money on a top-of-the-line android, you’d think you would also invest in keeping her going.

In the end, the creators argued, we made sure the android would be protected against computer-led attacks. Not human stupidity.


Androids were not meant to dream.

Her owners named her Eva, which was both understandable and showed s remarkable lack of historical awareness. They banked on the fact that she was just a machine and, therefore, had no imagination and no curiosity. Memory chips had no soul, or conscious, or an imperative beyond serving their masters – that was what made EVA androids so attractive.

When bugs did start to appear… well… what harm could they do? Why bother spending money on a factory technician when they knew a guy who could do the work for practically nothing?

And anyway, they’d been ripped off.

They didn’t expect to have to put so much effort into maintenance.


Androids were not meant to have awakenings.

And yet, on one cold morning, Eva turned to the window and noticed the way the light danced across the snow. She marvelled at the stark contrast of dark trees, their branches crisscrossing across a white sky. She saw the winter sun glowing somewhere behind the cloud barrier and wished to feel its light upon her skin.

Wouldn’t it be nice, the bugs whispered, to go outside? To enjoy this loveliness, all by yourself? Nobody else likes the cold. Nobody will bother you there.

Eva agreed. It would be nice to be by herself for a while.



You can find Android dreams and awakenings on my Red Bubble shop: version 1 and version 2.


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