Cat Tales Anthology



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What happened to the cats? In these 21 submissions to the first Book a Break short story competition, cats of many different kinds appear and disappear, roam far and wide, behave in mysterious ways. From dark and chilling to light-hearted and humorous, these stories focus on the power and mystery of cats. From ancient Egypt to modern Japan, the cats you’ll meet here will entertain you, frighten you, intrigue you and surprise you.

Each of the 21 stories is accompanied by original illustrations and the collection is prefaced by Smith, the terrifying tabby from Taunton who, when he’s not fighting other cats, likes nothing more than to read.
The prize-winning authors of these stories come from many countries and backgrounds. Some are starting out as promising young writers, some are confirmed authors. All used the prompt for the short story competition to craft a highly original tale.

The proceeds from this book go to two charities, Cats Protection and the Against Malaria Foundation.

(Synopsis via Amazon.)

So this is a post I never thought I would put up – even after the offer came through. It’s like one of those things, you know: too good to actually be true. (Or maybe that’s just me? Oh, well.)

Back at the start of the year, I entered a short story competition, with the tale of Daisy: a little girl who has had her first brush with mortality, doesn’t like it, and then goes to visit her grandmother in the afterlife.

It didn’t win, but a few months after I submitted I was surprised by an email from the contest organiser, Curtis, who thought a lot of the entries to the competition deserved to be seen by the wider world.

And so, “Cat Tales” was born.

I won’t get into details of the editing process and whatnot, because quite frankly, I only did a small bit of it all. However, I am excited for you to see the finished product – especially since I made the illustrations for my story myself. And, you know… cats!

As for the charity selection, it was decided that at least one had to be one that is to do with animals; and since malaria is such a huge thing, we also thought that this one might be a good one to work with.

I hope you approve.

The official release date is December 15th, 2016, but the Kindle edition is available to pre-order now on Amazon internationally.

Happy reading!





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