Fantastic Beasts


I must say, I have a love-hate relationship with J. K. Rowling’s works.

I loved the first three books of the Harry Potter series, but “Goblet of Fire” was too much for me (I was 11). I then ignored the books and movies until it was almost time for me to go to university, when I decided to be an opinionated shit and talk about everything that is wrong with the series on the Internet.

About seven years after it was all said and done.

Well… points for dedication?

I really do think there are a lot of things wrong with that series (HERMIONE DESERVES EVERYTHING!), but I have to say, Fantastic Beasts got it back on the love side for me.

The best way to describe this movie is that everyone except the wizards of the American Ministry is a poor little cinnamon roll and quite frankly, the most likeable cast is the one that is not human. (Seriously. Humans suck. Prepare to leave the theater either crying or seething with rage.)

On the surface, Fantastic Beasts doesn’t deviate in theme from Harry Potter, in that it talks about good and evil, the oppressors and the oppressed, and makes a powerful point for living in harmony and giving others the benefit of the doubt. Especially when those others are not as conventionally attractive and socially apt. When the hero is an introvert who gets along better with animals than he does with humans, and the villain is a charismatic, articulate manipulator, you know you have a good movie on your hands.

Even if it is infuriating.

And I can’t talk about it because all of the spoilers.


(I will say one thing though – the villain dynamic with this one other character was shady af. Also, that character is the reason why I hate the wizards in this movie so much – not only did they abandon them, they punished them for breaking a law they did not even know existed, and they left them to be influenced by an abusive keeper and a predatory motherfucker…. aaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!)


(The really sad thing is that this thing happens more often than it should. All the fucking time.)

Short version – this movie is awesome. This movie deserves everything, and I am feeling really positive about the fact that more are in the talks. I will happily see 14 of these, possibly twice each.

In cinemas now.


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